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Lautriv (1991)

'Lautriv' (published in French in 1991 in 'Reserves'*) is a dystopian short story where the narrator walks the streets of a decaying city, empty except for the inevitable 'v-bums' - AR / VR junkies hooked to virtual experiences. 

A missile hits just meters away, but that's only a hologram ad for VNN / Virtual News Network. Did I mention that networks sponsor wars in distant nations now? 

Yes, I wrote that story during the Gulf War. 

Anyway, when he returns to his office, the narrator decides to end it all, and that's how we learn that he is the US President. As the nuclear mushroom rises above the skyline, a v-bum asks for a refill to enjoy the show advertised in this spectacular teaser...

Thirty years after Lautriv, the 'metaverse' has a name, 'Lautriv' and 'VNN' are actual brands, and we are probably doomed.

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* I joined this small authors periodical in peculiar circumstances. As an ESSEC student, I was interviewed for a marketing internship in a big French group. When the HR exec told me that my handwriting had totally conquered their graphology experts, I confessed that I wrote with the left hand in spite of being right-handed, and that for some reason, I was quite good at drawing, but utterly illegible. And my handwriting was collapsing even faster now that I was using word processors more intensely. When she found out that beyond homework and articles I was writing fiction, she suggested I joined 'Reserves', my first ever authors collaboration.


A few online lines / Quelques lignes en ligne

=> (in English - voir plus bas en Français)

As you know, you can already download some of my books online for free (check the list on my website).
Now a few fictions are also available on Wattpad - still for free of course, but readable directly on the web or on the app.

Already on Wattpad:
- in English ('Hunting for Ki Mudangnim', 'Year of the Dog', 'Guisin-dong'...)
- in French ('L'annee du Chien', 'La Ligue des Oublies'...).

Check my Wattpad page for updates: wattpad.com/user/stephanemot.

Le record de Ledidi tient toujours!

 => (en Français)

Vous pouviez déjà télécharger gratuitement certains de mes bouquins (voir la liste mon site).
Désormais, vous pouvez
également lire quelques fictions (toujours gratuitement bien sûr) directement sur le site ou l'application Wattpad.

Déjà en ligne:
- en Anglais ('Hunting for Ki Mudangnim', 'Year of the Dog', 'Guisin-dong'...)
- en Français ('L'annee du Chien', 'La Ligue des Oublies'...).

NB: les chroniques de La Ligue des Oublies sont relâchées à raison de 5 par semaine, un peu comme des otages - en rançon de leur non-gloire bien évidemment.

Suivez les dernières  mises en ligne sur ma page Wattpad: wattpad.com/user/stephanemot.

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Interview avec KBS World Radio

(Interview in French on KBS World Radio - listen to the podcast)

Je vous invite à écouter cet entretien avec LEE Seula, diffusé le 26 juin 2020 sur KBS World Radio dans le cadre de l'emission francophone Séoulscope,

Vous entendrez parler de 'Seoul Villages' et Seoul Village, de Séoul et Paris, d'auteur et de concepteur, de réalité et de fiction, de papier et d'ebooks, de fantômes et de hantise, et de ces fils que l'on tire en se baladant dans la ville. 

Bonus : deux extraits lus par l'auteur ('Guisin-dong', 'Neige Sale').

Pour écouter le podcast : https://world.kbs.co.kr/service/contents_view.htm?lang=f&menu_cate=people&id=&board_seq=386743)

"[SEOULSCOPE] Stéphane Mot est un Séoulien originaire de Paris. Il a publié le 22 avril un recueil de 12 nouvelles : « Seoul Villages: Guisin-dong and other Seoul Villages ».  Découvrez notre entretien avec cet amoureux des mots, sans jeu de mot, sur https://world.kbs.co.kr/service/contents_view.htm?lang=f&menu_cate=people&id=&board_seq=386743" (20200626 - KBS World Radio - twitter.com/frenchkbs/status/1276451385274503169)

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Interview with The Korea Times

What are dragedies? Have I ever encountered Guisin-dong? What's the influence of shamanism in my 'Seoul Villages'? Why are alleyways so important? I had the pleasure to answer Jon Dunbar's very stimulating questions in this interview for The Korea Times ("Short story anthology explores magical realism in Seoul alleys" - 20200506):

Sorry, still no photos of Kim Mudangnim...

Download the free ebook on Google Play Books: books.google.com/books?id=LwHeDwAAQBAJ.

dragedies 2020
dragedies: Twitter: @dragedies - Facebook: Dragedies - Amazon: "dragedies"
Stephane MOT: Twitter: @stephanemot - Facebook: Stephane MOT - Instagram: @stephanemot 
Author pages on: Google Play Books - Amazon - Goodreads


'Seoul Villages' - download your free copy

"A series of love letters to Seoul and its many alleyways" (The Korea Times)
'Let's dive into the surreal world built by this urbanism enthusiast" (KBS World Radio)

Don't try to escape this ghost neighborhood, don't waste your energy tearing off that plant, and don't even think about catching Korea's most elusive shaman: you just can't shake off death. So let this fictional Seoul claim your soul.

'Seoul Villages' includes 12 'Seoul dragedies', among which 'Year Of The Dog', and 'Guisin-dong', and a few stories initially published in French.

You can download for free 'Seoul Villages' along with my other free ebooks 'Year Of The Dog', and 'Guisin-dong' on Google Play Books. Check my website for my other books (y compris en français).

Your comments and reviews are welcome (e.g. on Google Play Books, on Amazon, on dragedies website...).  
Stephane - April 2020

Seoul Villages est maintenant disponible en Français! Téléchargez votre exemplaire gratuitement sur Google Books: books.google.com/books?id=Gc9qEAAAQBAJ.


dragedies 2020
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 Reminder: Seoul is not just my main character for fiction: meet this shapeshifting and elusive city in my blog SeoulVillage.com (places, things, beings, cityscapes...), or in the essay "Inhuman, all too human Seoul".

Seoul Villages:
  • Crossroads and forking paths - a foreword by Mr. Ho
  • Seoul Village(s) - a foreword by the author
  • Guisin-dong
  • Year of the Dog
  • de Vermis Seoulis
  • Sweat dream
  • Black Snow
  • Korean wave
  • Tchik!
  • Comin'up next
  • Seoul Metamorphosis
  • (Alleyways – Ogin-dong, Autumn)
  • Hunting for Kim Mudangnim
  • (Alleyways – Sajik-dong, somewhen)
  • Lexicon – Korean terms
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10 ans aux oubliettes de l'histoire parallèle (the forgotten forgotten)

Tiens, j'ai oublié de fêter les 10 ans de "La Ligue des Oubliés". C'est sans doute un acte manqué (comme le bouquin en question d'ailleurs).

Au passage, le site en .com n'est plus actif depuis des lustres, mais le site officiel existe toujours (http://laliguedesoublies.blogspot.com/), et l'opus est toujours disponible sur Amazon.com.


I forgot to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "The League of The Forgotten". A failure consistent with the book itself it seems...

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